Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hi again............

...... I'm not gonna apoligize again for not blogging sooner - instead I'm just gonna admit that I'm a RUBBISH BLOGGER!! :)

Anyway, I have a new love in my life, not a man but a house - a dolls house!! I always wanted one as a little girl but as my parents had 6 of us I never did get one!
Oh how I love it!
The kids are buying me it for my upcoming milestone birthday even tho I've been & bought it already!? I couldn't wait that long so they said they will give me the cash on my birthday so hopefully I'll just go out & buy whatever I still need for it by then!
It came in kit form so I had to make it up myself, not very hard work really & quite enjoyable. It was bare MDF so had to painted once made up, then there's the window, roof, basement, doors, stairs etc, etc! ...... I have enjoyed every proccess so far & can't wait to start choosing & putting all the furniture in the rooms!!

Here's a few pics of what I've done so far.

It's a really big house & will live in our dinning room once finished, there's still so much to do before furnishing, there's light, skirting board, coving, doors, painting or wallpaper (I haven't decided on which yet!!) carpets, curtains etc.

I'm having a scraproom in the basement area & I'm really looking forward to that, I'm gonna try & make as much of the fittings/furniture myself. Each step I'm taking photo's so I will post them here so you can see it's progress.

On another note, I recieved my DT kit from Sarah yesterday for May - WOW!! you wanna see it! I love it & can't wait to play, it seems like ages that I scrapped, must be cos' Ive been busy with other things!

Also, today we had Henry's first birthday party at Giggles although it's not his birthday til' Thursday, here's his cake that I did 'In the night garden' is his favorite TV show and he loved his cake, his party was really good & no mess to clear up afterwards - pics to follow!

Well that's me for today, will be back soon to update on my busy life, take care & thanks for stopping by, love