Thursday, 26 June 2008

I kept my promise!!..............

....... to come back & post again today!

What is this weather all about? It's not stopped raining all day long, I mean real heavy rain too!! It's sooooooooo miserable! :( Hope it's better where you are!

Anyway, I promised to upload a couple of recent projects I've been working on, so here goes..........

I've been wanting to scrap these pics of Olivia for ages now, she was so good sitting in the laundry basket & her expressions made me giggle, she's just like Dean was at her age - it's hard to believe that was 27 years ago!!!!!

Our little prince Henry having his first photo shoot! Although we didn't get mush of a smile the pics turned out pretty good - he's such a cutie & has a character all of his own already!!

These are part of my creative team work for using the June boomin blossoms kit & extra's.

I have to close now for tonight cos' Big Brother is about to start .......... I know, I'm a sad reality TV junky!! LOL

Thanks for coming to see my little place, see you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, 25 June 2008


........ that's what I am for being a bad-bad blogger!

I have been busy, with summer things etc, ie: gardens of the house being done! yah!!
And of course, being a nan to little Henry & rearranging my craftroom - getting rid of stuff that's hidden behind closed doors & bringing most of my stash out in the open so I can see it to use it!! Also, I'm not as creative in the summer months as autumn & winter, much rather be outdoors!

Anyway, here's a few recent pics of Olivia & Henry, tomorrow I'll post a couple of LO's etc that I've done recently!

He's growing so fast, and is already 9 weeks old!! ............ who stole that time??!!

On the front of Henry's suit it says ' Instructions NOT included' so I just had to take a pic from behind too!!

And our sweet granddaughter Olivia ..................

How cool is this pic Dean took of her a couple of weeks ago (I can assure you she has total sun block all over!)

I can see a title for a LO with this one!

I can't believe how blonde she's gone since returning home to Germany, apparently the weather is fabulous!! .......... not fair!!

Well, thank you so much for stopping by my little place!

See you tomorrow!