Saturday, 26 April 2008

He's finally arrived!!!!...............

........... Henry Michael that is!

He entered the world on Wednesday the 23rd April at 18:22 weighing a whoppa 8lb 7oz!
He's gorgeous although he was a little poorly, just a bit jaundice & his bloods were a little infected & low. He's fine now & will probably be going home tomorrow.

Natalie was in labour for almost 3 days until they decided to give her a cesarean section!

Here he is with his daddy

I'll add a few more pics in a couple of days once he's settled into his new home & I have a bit more free time!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Still no news on Natalie........

....... can't be too much longer now tho can it?? Hopefully I'll have some news very soon!
Been taking more photo's of Olivia again today, they're so cute!

I finally got my LO done for Triple The Sketch The photo's are of Rachel, Dean's bride on their wedding day & this page will be added to the album I'm doing for them.

Well, I need to have an early night tonight incase Natalie needs me tomorrow!

Thanks for taking the time to visit me here & I hope you stop by again soon!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Still awaiting our grandson!!

Natalie is fed up now, bless her! I hope it's not much longer she has to wait & if she doesn't go tomorrow then I hope as soon as she's induced on Monday that he's quick making an entrance & she doesn't suffer too much pain!

Olivia is staying again tonight, she's sleeping right now after an evening being passed around her relatives, Nanny Ann (her great grandma) came to visit with aunty Lynn, then there was Craig Lynns son & his mate & Uncle Lee throwing her about as usual!! LOL she does love a bit of rough & tumble!!

I've taken just a few photo's of her while we've had her staying, about 150, like I say, just a few! ha ha!
I haven't had much time to play with them yet but here's a couple that I spotted while flicking thru this afternoon!

Oh, Rachel & Olivia are now going home (to Germany) this coming Wednesday now cos' they miss each other far too much to be apart any longer! I just love the fact that they are so much in love & can't wait to be back together again!
Although I will miss Olivia loads & loads I do understand how they feel!

Thanks for taking the time to come see my blog, hasn't she grown loads? hope you like the pics! ............ see you soon :)

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Who stole that week!!?

Can't belive time is going soooooo fast!
Just popping in to say HI!! Olivia is absolutely gorgeous & Natalie is waiting for her baby to arrive!! ............ if he hasn't made an entrance by Monday then they're taking her in to be induced! ....... something she's not looking forward to!

We have Olivia over night tonight, she's such a good baby, Dean & Rachel are so lucky she is! She sleeps from about 9pm til' 9am, can't ask for more than that!!?

I've also been doing a few pages for their wedding album so Rachel can take it back with her on the 1st May. They will be coming back home at the end of May when Dean gets his new car, they will also get to meet their new nephew too.

I haven't had time to load any new photo's of Olivia yet, hopefully tomorrow!

I'm off to bed now cos' I'm shatterd! Thanks for visiting me even though there's not much for you to see or read! :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I Just can't wait...........

....... to see our gorgeous grand daughter in just 2 more sleeps!!!!! ................. yeaaaaaahhhhh!!

Been busy doing a layout & card for Rebecca's creative team (can't show you yet, sorry!) I've used birdie bits it's so cute!!

Well, Natalie was due today, no she hasn't gone ... yet!! (had her baby that is!) she's not even had any real twinges!! She saw her midwife yesterday who told her she'd see her next week if she hasn't already gone & then they'll talk about what to do next, Natalie is hoping she's met her son by then!! LOL I said, enjoy the rest while you can!

Well that's it from me today, hopefully the next time I'm here I'll have more news on Natalie & some photo's to share!
Thanks for visiting me, I love it when you do! :)

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Can't belive this mad weather.....................

........... it's April 6th & it's snowing!!! ............. where's the sunshine & warm weather??
I suppose if it had been nice outside then I wouldn't have been in my craft room crafting so I shouldn't complain too much! So glad I've got such a great hobby, I feel sorry for anyone who has outdoor hobbies!!
Anyway, here's some of the cards & a LO I've done over the past couple of weeks!

This is the LO I've done for the first sketch on
Olivia in her fairy outfit, she looks just like an angel to me!!

I used some K&Co papers for this & some gorgeous wide organzer ribbon from The Range, didn't know they sold ribbon until last week!!

I used more of K&Co's papers here & my Cricut Doodletype cartridge, I really like this font!

This one I did with some really old scrap papers I wanted to use up!

This is also done with some scrap papers I had & the Cuttlebug cake die, I love this orange gingham ribbon that I got from a charity shop while back!!

The next 3 were done using the Celebrations Cricut cartridge, didn't think I'd like this cart but I LOVE it!! I love the party hat & 'celebrate' I did these cards with males in mind, using MM papers.

Well I'm off now, thanks for visiting me, it means a lot! :)