Tuesday, 29 January 2008

What a miserable day it is outside!!

Looks like it's going to dance down! (rain heavely)

I've been busy again, but this time making diaper cakes (nappy cakes)

I loved making them & I'm really pleased with the results!
The pale blue one is for Natalie, I'll give it to her Sunday at her baby shower.

When Lee saw it he asked me to make one for Kim, his friend who's due to have a boy in about 10 days. I wanted to make one completly different to the other so I used these bright colours, my fav is the baby blue one tho!!

I want to make a pink girlie one now!!lol
I've done my creative work for Rebecca too, that kit is gorgeous & I loved creating with it!
The embellies are fab & so many of them, there's loads of buttons that come in a jar & some bling in a little pot, the papers are double sided & so many of them too, I could've gone on forever! lol!!

Natalie's baby belly, Joe's hands making the heart & I've placed all 3 initials in the heart! those glitter alpha in the kit are brilliant!

Natalie's pregnancy test pic, how cool are those buttons, some of the clear ones I've placed the paper behind!

Olivia's hand & foot at 2 days old, don't you just love babies feet!?

Olivia trying to stay asleep when we wanted a photo of her with her eyes open!! lol

Right I need to do some serious tidying up now, this place is a mess!!
Thanks for visiting me!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

How boring is Saturday night on TV?

I'm sitting here with that new game show on in the background!!............. had the lotto on earlier & that was just as boring! Maybe I'll start putting the radio on if I'm in my craftroom this time next week!!...............I'd put it on now onl it's shoved behind quite a lot of other stuff in the corner, can't be bothered!!

I've been busy last night & today doing my creative team work for http://www.rebeccasscrapbookingstash.co.uk/ the kist she's put together is just fabulous, so much stuff I couldn't believe it when I opened it on Thursday!! The colours are fab & are perfect for some pics I had ready to scrap! I'll put sneak peeks up tomorrow!

Pic today is Oli (of course!!lol) fast asleep & looking very cosy & happy, God I love that child to bits!!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

It's been a few days.........

I've been busy doing a few Christening cards for a friend & I've made a start on Dean & Rachel's wedding album..........3 pages up to now!! I'll take pics when I've done a few more!

I received a letter in the post yesterday from Dean, inside was a stack of pics of our gorgeous granddaughter, it made me so happy!! She's got sooooo chubby!
Here she is smiling ............ I can't wait to see her & kiss those cheeks & hug her loads!!

We went to Ikea yesterday to get Natalies nursery goods, everything but the cot was in stock so I'll have to keep checking on their website & go up there when it's in!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Been busy tidying my scraproom............

............. and here's the proof!

This is on the left as you enter the room.

This is the rest of that wall, I keep all my sticker, die-cuts & Christmas embellies in the draws!

This wardrobe holds all my extra A4 cardstock, stamps, inks, paints, small chipboard, chipboard latters, 'ready to alter' stuff, etc etc!

I also keep my ribbons on the inside of the doors!

Next to the Ikea unit is the 12" x 12" shelf unit that Mick made for me last year, it hold my unused kits & my cardstock!

The easel holds my latest LO til' I can be bothered putting it in the album ............. I need to do this soon cos' there's about 8 on there!
I keep all my older magazines in the bottom of the Ikea unit.
On the top of the unit there's an old lamp stand that holds my packet embellies (chunky stuff)

This is where I keep all most of my sheet stuff, I have a magnetic board & another lampstand. In the draws I have all my tools, heat gun, glue gun, light box, spare printer inks, ready scored cards, etc, etc.

Here's my new printer & my fav toy at the moment 'my Cricut!!
And where I do all my computer work!

My TV & cake stand with all my glitters, glues & HS masks in.

This is where I create!

I have everything I use everyday at arms length - the shelves hold all my embellies & MM rub-ons, some ribbon rolls & K&Co chipboard.

My table has 2 boxes of scrap card that I use a lot of & my pink twirly caddy that is worth it's weight in gold!!

And at the end of my table I have y paper trolley - this like my caddy is one of the best things I've ever bought!!

I have 2 hooks on the end where I can hang my bags of chipboard letter sheets & large flowers!

The inside of my wardrobe, my ribbons need to be put on the 'Ribbon rings' I got a while back when I have a day to spare!! LOL

Well that's it, hope you like it, let me know what you think!
it's took me ages to upload that lot, bet it doesn't take me long to mess the room up!!!!!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Another week begins............

........ and I can't beleive how quick it's gone since Christmas!!

I've been scrapping, at last!! I did 3 LO's & a few cards from the scraps!

This is my favourite page, Natalie is much bigger now, I need to take a few more pics when she comes at the weekend! Used some MMe papers & chipboard accents!

Here's my fav card too, I might give this to Mick!
I'll try and take a few pics of my scraproom tomorrow, after I've cleared the mess of course!! lol

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Printer troubles!!!

Don't you just hate it when it dies in the middle of a job!!!?

Anyway, I went & got the new Canon Pixma MP510 today! I've not tried photo printing yet but the text print is fab & it's so quick!

The only thing I wasn't expecting was it's size...........it's huge & takes up quite a bit of space on my work bench, I might ask Mick to put up a shelf, see how it goes for a few days!

Well I'm running out of photo's of Olivia so here's one of Natalie & bump! This was taken a few weeks ago, she's a bit bigger now................ she's 26 weeks now so not long to go!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

More painting!!

The bloomin' stairs...........hand rails & spindles!!

It seems to be going on & on & on!! Only the bottom set to do now so hopefully we'll be able to get a carpet on them soon!

I'm dying to take some pics so you can see how clever my OH is, I'm so lucky to have him!!

No point yet while there's still some work to be done!

Right I'm gonna do some more scrapping now while watching the Big Brother thing!!
How funny is this pic of Oli, she looks like she's been arrested & had her 'mugshot' taken!! lol

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Day 3 & still going strong!!

Nothing much to say really, just been doing the everyday things that a mum/OH does everyday! ........... Oh!! I scrapped last night, this photo of Olivia on the day she arrived, she's got the most kissable cheeks!!
I'll take a pic soon & post it here! .................. see you tomorrow!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Well it's my 2nd day of blogging........

.......... and I don't really have much to say! lol

Been printing pics of Olivia today to make a gallery in my new living room. The only thing is I don't have that many pics to choose from!

Dean, Rachel & Oli were supposed to come over for 3 weeks at the end of Feb but, when i spoke to him tonight he says his course has been cancelled because he has to be in rehab (medical, for his injured ankle!) at the same time! I suppose his ankle needs to be priority!

I'm glad in a way though cos' it means we can go visit them instead! yeah!!!

We'll probably go around the end of Jan & stay over for about 4 days, can't wait to see Oli, Rachel says she's smiling back loads now!
How cute is little Oli chubby cheeks holding onto her daddys finger?

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Starting all over again!!

Right, I thought, new year, new blog ............ thanx SJ you wonderful lady!! I love it!!

Tomorrow will be the first proper post of the year, so I'll see you somethime then!