Sunday, 31 January 2010

Almost Febuary!!!!!!!

........... Where has the time gone since Christmas??

As some of you may already know, the gallery at UKscrappers is being scaled down and everything posted before Jan 2009 will be deleted tomorrow!!
So, I clicked over there & had a look thru to see if there was anything I wanted to keep images of before the big chop!
I was shocked when I went thru & seen some of them were posted in 2007 - so here I am uploading some of them to my blog, it's so strange to look thru them & realise that it was so long ago since I actually created these pages & also to see just how much the grandbabies have grown up!!
Here's what I chose ................

This last page is one of my all time favourites, even though I love it, it's very rare that I scrap on shaped cardstock - maybe I should give it another go very soon!?

I've been quite busy lately doing DT stuff for Sarah and also I started my very first quilt from the Basic Grey Eva range by Moda - photo's to follow of sneak peeks & my completed quilt!!
I'm really pleased with the quilt even tho it's been a bit tough just going off instructions from the internet & Youtube - it's so hard trying to decide who/what to beleive as the 'right' way to do it! ....... needless to say, it's been unpicked a few times!
Right, I need to finish off my write ups & get them sent off, so I'll see you all soon & thanx for popping in & commenting!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

All Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the snow that is! Within a few hours, what was totally white is now dull & miserable! ........... even tho I didn't really like it while it was here I must admit that it was a lot brighter outside!

Right, onto the sewing I've been doing the past couple of weeks - I made a promise to myself at the begining of 2010 that I have to finish a project before starting another & if I do a scrapbook page then I have to make at least one card from the same papers.
Well about 10 days ago I ordered a Basic Grey Eva layer cake to do a quilt for our bed but I wanted to do some sacks for the grandkids for next Christmas too, so I decided to concentrate on them & get them finished before it comes cos' I know I'll be tempted to start it right away!
Well here they are, one each for Henry & Olivia & the one without a name is for the new baby due in March. I'm delighted with my efforts & how they turned out - hurry up Mr Postman & bring my supplies for my next project!! LOL

Here's how they'll hang next Christmas.

I had stockings for them this year but found they were too small to fit much in, these will be much better I think, the only thing is, I'll have to keep them high up so little hands won't go rumaging!!

I did a page for Sarah's cards sketch challenge & a card.

If you're feeling creative right now then click on over there & have a look - you could win an e-voucher!!!

Layout & card from Vanessa's sketch & a couple of cards from the left overs - it makes me feel so good when I use stash up this way, especially if I've had it a long time!

That was long post!!

Right, busy - busy - busy again creating so I'll have to close for now, I will be back soon with a couple of sneak peeks of some bits & bobs!

Thanx again for popping in, don't forget to come back soon, love

Friday, 15 January 2010

Such a busy time this past month..............

...... well over a month if I'm honest!! Way too busy to blog! LOL

Firstly I wanna mention the white stuff - yes the SNOW!! What a lot we've had! 12inches! WOW it's been a looooooonnnnnng time since we saw that much!
Photo's as proof -

Such beauty but not very practical if you only get to see it every 30ish years or so!!

Another rare site is Lee with a shovel in his hands, doing a bit of 'man work' clearing a path!

Secondly, evidence of Christmas -

Olivia & Henry opening there prezzies at our house & the lads Dean & Lee having a bit of Wii fun!
(All B&W photo's cos' they need cropping & tweaking a bit in colour!!)

Oh, I almost forgot the photo of the lads snowman & Olivia who tried to help them out ............ how big is that snowman!!!?

Right thats me for now, I need to go edit a couple of photo's of a few projects I've been doing of late!

Thanx for calling in & please come back, I'll try to be a better blogger & upload more photo's for you to look at!

See you soon!